Punjab And Haryana High Court

Income Tax Case Laws, Sec. 194A, Sec. 201(1A), Section 145, Section 201

Punjab & Haryana H.C : The payment @ 12% per annum of the amount of compensation paid and recorded as interest in the “Award of Compensation” of the Punjab Government is enhanced/additional compensation ignoring the facts that initial notification was published on 22.4.2010 and competent authority/DFCCIL-cum-district Revenue Officer announced award on 27.2.2012. Thus payment @ 12% has been given for delay in payment which is clearly in the nature of interest

High Court Of Punjab & Haryana CIT (TDS) vs. Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation Limited Section 145A, 194A, 201(1A) and Section

Sec. 115JB

Punjab & Haryana H.C : Advance against depreciation cannot be added under the computation of the normal income , wh reas the Hon’ble Supreme Court in its decision dated 05-012010 has held that the ‘advance against depreciation’ is ‘income received in advance’, thus making the said income subject to ‘Charge unde Chapter-II, as business income under Chapter-IV-D read with sub-clause (i) of sub-section 24 of section 2

High Court Of Punjab & Haryana Pr. CIT vs. NHPC Ltd. Section 115JB Asst. Year 2006-07 S.J.Vazifdar, CJ & Avneesh

Section 35DDA, Sec. 36(1)(vii), Sec. 41(1)

Punjab & Haryana H.C : the learned ITAT was right in law in upholding the order of CIT(A) in deleting the addition of Rs.90,97,536/-made by the Assessing Officer on account of bad debts written off disregarding the fact that the assessee had failed o prove that the written off debts had actually become bad and also failed to furnish any justification

High Court Of Punjab & Haryana Pr.CIT vs. ECO Auto Components Private Limited Ajay Kumar Mittal & Amit Rawal, JJ

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