Section 153

Section 132, Sec. 132A, Sec. 153A, Sec. 260A, Section 139, Section 147, Section 149, Section 153, Section 158

Kerala H.C : Where the due date for issue of notice under Section 143(2) had expired, as on the date of search, there could be no re-assessment made by virtue of the provisions under Section 153A; of such matters as available in the returns filed, which stands concluded by sheer efflux of time

High Court Of Kerala CIT vs. K.P. Ummer, Prop. Star Rolling Mill Section 132, 132A, 139, 143(2), 147, 149, 153(1), […]

Sec. 2(22)(E), Sec. 142(1), Sec. 143(2), Section 132, Section 142, Section 153

Karnataka H.C : Agreement between the assessee and Smt. Vandana Poddar dated 24.05.2004 (seized documents A/BP/1) to pay her Rs.11 Crores and the payment of Rs. 11.05 Crores by MEL at the instance of the assessee who was the MS and the shareholder to M/s. Solid Real Estate Private Limited and in turn to Smt. Vandana Poddar would amount to deemed dividend as per Section 2(22)(e) of the Act, and the judgments of the Apex Court in 229 ITR 444, 290 ITR 893

High Court Of Karnataka CIT (Central) And Anr. vs. Basant Poddar Section 2(22)(e), 132, 142(1), 143(2), 153A Asst. Year 2004-2005

Income Tax Case Laws, Sec. 153B, Section 153

Delhi H.C : What is the correct interpretation to be placed on the expression “received by the assessee or the Principal Chief Commissioner or the Chief Commissioner or Principal Commissioner ” in Section 260A(2)(a) of the Act ? Does it mean “received” by any of the named officers including the Commissioner of Income-tax (Judicial)?

High Court Of Delhi Surendra Kumar Jain & Ors. vs. Pr.CIT & Ors. Section 153(2A), 153B S. Ravindra Bhat &

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