AAR-West Bengal : Polypropylene Leno Bags, if specifically made from woven polypropylene fabric using strips or like of width not exceeding 5 mm and without any impregnation, coating, covering, or lamination with plastics, are to be classified under Tariff Sub-Heading 6305 33 00

Authority For Advance Rulings, West Bengal Mega Flex Plastics Ltd., In re Vishwanath And Parthasarathi Dey, Member Order No. 09/ WBAAR /2018-19 July  6, 2018 Vinay K. Shah , Adv. for the Applicant. RULING 1. The Applicant stated to be, inter alia, a manufacturer of Polypropylene Leno Bags seeks a Ruling on Classification of the above goods under the…

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