Month: March 1999

S.C : The precise question to be answered, as formulated in the judgment and order under appeal [H.M.T. Bearings Ltd. vs. CIT (1988) 73 CTR (AP) 243 : (1988) 173 ITR 597 (AP)], is whether a return filed and accepted in pursuance of an order made under s. 146

Supreme Court Of India CIT vs. H.M.T. Bearings Ltd. Sections 80, 139, 146 S.P. Bharucha & R.C. Lahoti, JJ. Civil Appeal No. 7827 of 1995 23rd March, 1999 Counsel Appeared J. Ramamurthi with M.R. Shah & B.K. Prasad, for the Appellant : M.S. Syali, Satyen Sethi, Arun Kathpalia & R.P. Dave, for the Respondent ORDER By …
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